Thursday, July 14, 2011

I'm Itchy!

I've been completely negligent about posting due to my other duties/jobs/etc. This post will be brief. Basically, it's summer and I've spent far too much time in situations in which I shouldn't have (outdoor situations). Hence, the resulting flare-up and the itchiness! Ack. I can handle a rash, but when they're itchy ones...not so handleable (not a word).

So, I tried cortisone first. Not sure why I bother. No luck. My skin is clearly bored with that stuff.

Despite my allergy to petroleum, I have a foam emulsion called Verdeso from my dermatologist. I can get away with using it a couple of times before breaking out because of it.  My petroleum allergy has waned a bit and the medication in the foam likely counter-acts the reaction to some extent. I'm not crazy about using a petroleum product for various reasons, but I have to admit that I'm a bit desperate. So far one hand stopped being itchy after one application. I'm trying the other hand and my arm right now.

The other thing that I will certainly do is an Epsom salt and baking soda bath. It seems to help. Not too hot of course. I've read about the bleach solution bath (very weak, read this article and talk to your doctor before trying), but that's for bacterial infections. I know when I've got one and I don't have one. So, probably not that one.

Other than that, it's Reactine (the super stuff with pseudo-effedrine) in the morning and Benadryl at night. Hate taking so many drugs, but what can you do?

The lesson I've learned, again, is that everyone has limits and working outside for hours is certainly one of mine.

I'll post an update with whatever ends up working!

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