Friday, February 10, 2012

REVIEW: Waiting for My Ange-Gardien Chocolates

February 2nd
Since I'm a single gal & my birthday is coming up, I decided that there was every reason to treat myself. The one thing, actually two things I've been dying to try are the Chocolate Tasting Box and the chocolate with crunchy salt flower caramel from Ange-Gardien (Guardian Angel Foods). I have to admit that the little pop-up picture (on the right) totally sold me when I first checked out their site.  So, I've placed the order through their on-line system, which is available in English and French. Sadly, it won't be shipped until February 8th, but it should arrive on February 10th. I think I can hold out for a week!

February 6th
I received a Canada Post email - on behalf of Ange-Gardien - which let me know my chocolates have been shipped - two days early! The email notification is such a great gesture.

February 8th
My chocolates arrived two days early, which is entirely lovely. Everything was packaged quite well; so, it arrived in perfect condition. The second I took a few pictures, I tried the salt flower caramel chocolates. All in all, these are pretty good. They are packaged in a little cellophane bag with a chocolate brown bow - perfect gift packaging. I will admit that I prefer bittersweet chocolate; so, I found these quite sweet, but if you love your chocolate sweet, you'll adore these. If you've got children, they'll gobble them up tout de suite.

Allergy-wise, Ange-Gardien products are free of dairy, nuts (peanut and tree) and eggs. The Tasting Box contains wheat, soy and dye and the Chocolate with salt flower caramel contains soy and may contain wheat.

February 10th
The salt flower caramels have long-since disappeared. They were amazing with a cup of Early Grey tea. I have a few of the Tasting Box chocolates left. Each one is a perfect, little chocolate square containing a delicious, gooey centre in one of the following five flavours - Honey and Caramel, Chocolate Ganache, Coffee, Maple Butter and Salt Flower Caramel. I won't even attempt to pick my favourite since they were all wonderful.

All in all, this was a wise investment. I quite love these chocolates, which will sadly be gone by tonight. I highly recommend these chocolates (allergies-willing) for your allergic sweetheart.

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